Chairman Message

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

Fr Varghese P., VC

Fr Varghese P., VC
Chairman, De Paul School

Well, I am happy indeed to see the vibrant school website which is a constant source of motivation and inspiration to all.

De Paul is a chain of schools branched out in India and abroad. De Paul stands for quality, excellence and commitment. We (Christian Missionaries) are the pioneers in the field of education serving the nation with its precision and academic excellence. The way we stand out is the meaningful combination of academics-discipline-activities. Discipline is our key to all our achievements.

De Paul School Rewa is showcasing a decade of service to the local area Rewa and outside. Very significant growth has been achieved in this era of 10 years. Much to be achieved, if God willing in the future to come. I firmly believe that where there is teamwork among the management, teachers, parents and students, there will be success, fulfillment and significant milestones.

I wish all parents of this school do co-operate with the school which is the hub of all progress. Please take genuine interest in your ward’s studies and fulfil your duty as responsible and school friendly parents.

Wishing God's Blessings