Principal Message

The Roots of Education are Bitter, But the Fruit is Sweet

Fr. Johnson Joseph

Fr. Johnson Joseph
Principal, De Paul School, Rewa

Imparting education has become, more than ever, so complicated and complex a reality today. It is a much challenging task from the part of School Management. There is always a discrepancy between what we expect from the parents to guide wards' studies at home and the reality that follows. Sometimes it becomes all the harder when a school is financially constrained due to the non-payment of fee in time by the parents.

As far as students are concerned, they should enjoy the most the childhood, teenage and student-hood because we can't get back any of those later in life. Freedom with responsibility combination enables the students to bloom and blossom maturing personality. Education is an on-going process in this direction. Education is much more than gathering information or knowledge but an all-round transformation with refined human, moral and social values.

Everything else other than studies is secondary or tertiary to me. I wish students take their 'studenthood' and the duties more seriously and come out in flying colours in their lives.

I wish God's abundant blessings on all parents, teachers and students.