DePaul School, Rewa
Established in 2008
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi (1030940)
Mob: 9407348466(K.G.),9753344882(School)
Rules of Discipline

Well, these are not mere rules but rather a genuine commitment of a de-paulian towards a wholesome growth and maturity. A de-paulian must be thoroughly honest, punctual, regular to school and studies, generous, caring for parents, school environment, fellow mates, teachers and all creatures of God. They must speak English at all times in the school, using decent and becoming language. His/her character has to be refined with respect, truthfulness and industriousness. A de-paulian has to be truly a caring person not hurting anyone in word and deed. He/She has to be hardworking, goal-centred, adventurous, innovative and creative. His/her love for youngsters, respect and courtesy for elders, teachers and parents has to be outstanding. We expect all de-paulians to be good mannered, well dressed and well behaved. His/her study habits need to be praiseworthy, learning something extra every day. He/She may develop a habit of sharing and kindness.