DePaul School, Rewa
Established in 2008
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi (1030940)
Mob: 9407348466(K.G.),9753344882(School)
Curriculum & Evaluation

De Paul School prescribes and follows NCERT/CBSE syllabus from Class-V onwards. There are Scholastic subjects (Main Subjects), Co-Scholastic Areas and Discipline-Behaviour Record. Besides these physical fitness and attendance record are maintained. Academic subjects are given more weightage without any prejudice to co-scholastic and behavioral areas. The curriculum focuses on learning basic & advanced concepts in languages, Maths, Science, Social Studies and Computer. In languages there is enough focus on understanding, speaking, reading and writing modules. The co-scholastic areas include work education, art education, GK, Value Education, Craft, Music, Dance, Library Hours, Club activities and English conversation-dictation & calligraphy.